Stew Cohen at WYENThe music of “The Shining” premiered on December 3, 1971, the same day WYEN Request Radio debuted in Des Plaines, Illinois. WYEN 107 FM attracted thousands of requests for music and let dozens of talented announcers get their training without leaving home.

Along the way, Stew Cohen, News Director of WZSR-FM (STAR 105.5) and WWYW-FM (Y 103.9) came through WYEN in the 1970s for a nearly three-year stay. His recollections and interviews with former WYEN announcers, including Garry Meier of WGN 720AM and Bob Roberts of WBBM All News Radio, form the nucleus of his book, The WYEN Experience.

Step through the studio doors and join Stew in reliving a time before today’s technology.